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Chrisitian Films

Tired, Concerned, and Frustrated with Today's Media?
Together we can do something about it.

What Makes Community Flicks Different? 

Answer: Its Viewers have the opportunity to be a part of its productions.

Times are hard financially for most of us, but for this initiative, word of mouth is mightier than the dollar. By simply registering to become a Viewer or Insider and telling others about Community Flicks, its projects, community and partnership productions, you help show the film industry how much inspiring entertainment is needed and appreciated.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Community Flicks' Viewer or Insider.

If you find filmmaking exciting and you've always wanted to be a part of film production, then register now and become a part of the Community. Our Community Viewers and Insiders are a part of everything from props and set design to casting calls, wardrobe, and more.

Registration and Participation are Absolutely FREE.

Become a Part of The Community

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