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Updated: Jan 21

When a woman feels lonely and unappreciated, it may be a sign that she needs to be honest with herself to see if she needs to learn to love herself. Instead of looking for the one, perhaps she needs to focus on becoming the one she should be, she needs to be, and she wants to be.

Perhaps she's been going about things the wrong way. Instead of expecting someone to find her, she needs to find herself. Instead of seeking someone to love her, she needs to nurture herself in love because the one person she is guaranteed to spend her entire life with is herself.

It doesn’t matter how others see us or what they say about us. The only thing that matters is how precious and loved we are by our ALMIGHTY Creator.

When most think of life, they focus on what they’ve been taught or programmed to believe will make them happy without understanding where true love, peace, and joy come from.

If you’ve endured trauma, abuse, neglect, or something horrific, know and understand it wasn’t GOD’s fault. It was due to the choices humans make. Choice is the one freedom the ALMIGHTY will not take from us because to do so is to rob us of our souls. However, you can give HIM credit for the fact that you’re reading this blog and know that HE’s reaching out to you through it.

Most women of faith know what Christ taught to be the greatest commandments, and most accept and understand how important it is to love one another as oneself. But, they overlook that the first and greatest of all commands is to love our Creator, but it doesn’t stop there. It says to love HIM with “all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” From that comes the strength and ability to love ourselves and others even when it seems impossible.

Everything we need comes from learning to love the one by whom we live, breathe, and have existence. Think about the time, energy, and effort we give when getting to know a man we’re attracted to or care about. We hang on to his every word; we want to spend time with him, what he thinks is important to us. Yet, when it comes to getting to know our Heavenly FATHER… we don’t.

Becoming the one any man would be blessed to have as a wife and becoming the one you love and enjoy being, begins with your relationship with the one who knows you like no other can and loves you anyway. We must start there, for how can we expect someone else to love and appreciate us as a life partner if we're unsure of who and why we are?

I’m not talking about just going to church or what we’re used to hearing from the pulpit or popular evangelists. The type of Holy intimacy we will be discussing in post to come and what we will learn about healing and growing within requires a much deeper look at the heart of GOD.

It’s one thing to talk about what we need to do and think, but how do we get to what and where we want to be, where we need to be? With the ALMIGHTY’S help and guidance, I pray this blog will help. HE has enabled me to overcome many things I allowed to hinder my relationship with HIM. Through HIS Son, HE adopted me as HIS daughter, and though it took a while and was later in life than I expected, our Heavenly FATHER, through much love, longsuffering, and patience gave me the power to grow into the gift HIS Word says a wife should be. Today, my husband and I have been married for twenty years. None of it would have been possible had it not been for the ALMIGHTY and the relationship that grew and continues to grow between us. Many have changed their minds about GOD today, but HE hasn’t changed, and HIS power has not diminished. I'm no better or different than you. What HE's enabled me to do is what HE does for all who long for it.

I pray HE uses this blog to show you how much you mean to HIM and the power HE can give you to receive and become as HE intends for you. Remember, in the beginning, HE looked, and it was very good.   

More About Community Flicks’ Vision:

We’ve been misled by what we see on television and in movies. It’s not reality or the way things were intended. This is why it’s so important to support films and media that can share and teach life lessons in a way our Creator can appreciate.

In the upcoming feature film Stroke of Genius, now in development, one of the characters, Audrey Cooper, breaks through her fears and suppositions to discover the truth about herself, and in doing so, she finds love where she would never have imagined. Community Flicks is excited to partner with industry professionals to bring this beautiful, inspirational visual work of art to life.

Please exercise your power to make a difference. There are three simple ways: 1) Register to become a Community Flicks’ Viewer or Insider, 2) Subscribe to Community Flicks' YouTube Channel, and 3) follow its Facebook Page. We must show the world you care about the Community's mission to enhance lives through visual content and industry-partnership films. We’re not asking you for money because supporting us in any of the above ways is extremely powerful.


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