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The Community AGAPE Award

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Community Agape Award
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Sometimes a group, business, body of believers, or an individual's caring concern for the Community goes above and beyond, as was the case for our first award winner, the First Baptist Church of Marshal Heights, in SE, Washington D.C. The generosity and commitment that both the pastor and congregation blessed Art for Growth with was absolutely amazing. So much so that we felt compelled to show our appreciation in a special way by making the Church the very first recipient of THE COMMUNITY AGAPE AWARD.


The award continues to be used to express Art for Growth's gratitude whenever Community Flicks is blessed by an extraordinary and undeniable manifestation of GOD's love, compassion, and goodness.

In addition to granting THE COMMUNITY AGAPE AWARD, Community Flicks also celebrates its volunteers, supporters, funders, outstanding actors, actresses, screenwriters, and illustrators during various community events.

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