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Community Movies


Community Flicks gives its Viewers and Insiders an easy and exciting way to help offset the adverse effects of today's media and culture on young minds. This new initiative is enhanced every time those who care about its mission register to become a part of the community.

How often do we make a difference by simply taking the time to watch various Media Projects?

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Enjoy The Showcase. There's more to come.

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In Development 

An Industry Standard Feature Film Project, now in development. FreshView is a community partner.

Community Flicks' Church Community Partners, Viewers, and Insiders have the opportunity to be supporters and participants of this GOD-inspired production. Join the fun and excitement; register today. 

Local  Community Projects

Short Student Films 

Ministry Projects

Audible Storyboards

A Visual Way To Grow Spiritually

Sparklights is Community Flicks' first online anthology project presented as Audible Storyboards for entertainment at a different pace.

Click here, or visit our YouTube Channel to watch each episode. Also, visit our View & Talk page and learn how to use  SparkLights Episodes for Youth Ministries and more.

Youth  Productions

Talented & Gifted Young African American Short Film Projects

Community Movies

Short Films

Christian Films

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