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An Exciting and Simple Way to Change Lives

What Makes Community Flicks Different? 

Answer: Its Viewers have the opportunity to be a part of its productions.

Community Flicks is a community of movie lovers and industry experts whose hearts are heavy with concern regarding the influence of today's media and culture on younger generations, namely Generation Z and Alpha. It consists of caring individuals of all ages and ethnicities, including believers from younger generations who want to help offset the adverse effects of today's media and culture on young minds.

It's a Christ-centered community and initiative launched by the nonprofit Art for Growth.

Art for Growth has enhanced the lives of younger generations via the performing arts for over 25 years. Now, it uses decades of experience, community, and partnerships to share and support community and professional content featuring protagonists and topics that younger generations and their families can relate to.


Community Flicks is committed to developing online and offline relationships for the promotion and production of industry-standard feature films and beautiful works of art created to entertain and edify those who prefer quality family and faith-based entertainment. However, the primary objective is to support young believers and young adults striving to follow Christ.

Our community viewers and insiders have the opportunity to be a part of Community Flicks' partnership projects.


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