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On one remarkable day, after living for eighteen years as the subject of a scientific study, a young man acquires a genius IQ and is healed of the chronic disabilities inflicted by his father. Is it a work of science or God?

A Beautiful Movie
   A Powerful Story

Now In Development

The award-winning screenplay and faith-based drama Stroke of Genius is an industry Partnership Project currently under development. 

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As a follower of Christ, one of my most fervent prayers has been that the ALMIGHTY and HIS Son become more real to me than anything I can see or touch. I believe that the condition of today’s world bears witness to its need and failure to see beyond the physical.


This point is never more valid than when it pertains to the extraordinary inner power of those that most refer to as disabled. The same can be said regarding GOD’s ability to heal and make whole according to HIS knowledge, power, and understanding.

Its primary message and impact are twofold. It’s a story that can support the realization that though we live in “vessels of clay,” we are not just physical bodies that come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions.

In one of the scenes, our protagonist, Ty Jackson, demonstrates this reality to a thirteen-year-old boy who believes communicating with his autistic brother is a waste of time. Ty takes a lump of clay and buries a marble in the center of it in front of the boy. Afterward, he presents the clay and calls it a marble. The boy states the obvious, “That’s not a marble; the marble is inside the clay.” To which Ty replies, “The same is true of your brother.”


Stroke of Genius is a unique underdog story that gives insight and voice to an often misunderstood and overlooked population. It’s also a powerful story of forgiveness and redemption. It’s an award-winning screenplay that has already touched hearts and brought tears to its readers. Imagine the effect the visual story will have.


This memorable film has the potential to broaden its viewers’ appreciation for the miraculous ways our Creator can move within the lives of those who trust and believe that HE has not changed. HIS power has not diminished regardless of the condition of our bodies, lives, or culture.

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