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Thank You for Supporting Community Flicks 
and its First Feature Film Project, Stroke of Genius.

It's an exciting and entertaining way to make a difference! 

If you filled out our Insiders Registration form, this is the final step of your registration. You can also use this form to simply make a donation. 

If you've chosen to be a Volunteer or Viewer
only, we understand and appreciate your watching and sharing our content. Type your name in the "Non-Donor" box below.

NOTE: Form submission names are compared to Donor names. As a special thank you, donors are given priority in the volunteer selection process. But not to worry—there are many volunteer positions available if you're registered to be part of the production of Stroke of Genius.

If you wish to be a Community Flicks
 INSIDER CONTRIBUTOR, please use the
 DONATION button below. Also, feel free to join our online community for Insiders and Community Partners. The online network will provide you with updates, announcements, and more.

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